The cover of Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams book alone speaks volumes:


This book is mind-blowing. Or rather, it is if you like roller coasters. But I guess it depends on how desperate you are when you start reading it. I started reading it at a time when the curve of coronavirus infections in Italy was rising rapidly for the third time. Ah, at that time we didn’t even have a government. And then clearly there was the fact that good weather was coming to Rome, as well as a new ordinance locking us in for the 3rd time. Such good times. And then I admit, my confidence towards the future was not the best at that time. This book made me go through 10 days of up and down between incredible confidence towards a super technological future with no basic needs to satisfy and total depression with a touch of distrust towards humanity and hermits instincts. When you read some pages it’s like getting a slap in the face, so much so that you can taste blood in your mouth. The idea is simple, neoliberalism is winning and all mass movements tend to die quickly, leftist politics has forgotten the battles really worth fighting for and capitalist realism as theorized by Mark Fisher is the hegemony. In light of this, where the hell are we going? What are the challenges ahead? What should I do? is it my fault that I don’t have a job? Are young people a waste? Are we just a surplus population? Why do I see battles failing miserably? Why is everything so unfair? Maybe this book can answer some of these questions, maybe they won’t be satisfying, but you will certainly have an interesting point of view from which to look at the world. Since I don’t find the point of doing a summary of a book so full of information. These are the emotions I felt page by page while reading this book. The chart is interactive, enjoy.