I was at the supermarket yesterday and found it shocking how many easter eggs you can buy today. Seriously, think about it’s amazing! I understand the difference between dark and milk chocolate, but then there’s also the branded easter eggs, those are crazy. There are easter eggs from every soccer team, there are video game-themed easter eggs, cartoon themed, TV show themed, influencer themed, yes really even influencer themed. All the same, same manufacturer, just change the outer paper and the silly thing you’ll find inside. Anyway, never mind, among these variations one caught my eye: the “ME CONTRO TE” egg. “ME CONTRO TE” Is an Italian youtube channel, who makes specific videos for a target audience, kids. I tried to watch a video, this one, you can tell from the first minute that it’s something new and never seen before. Why are they talking in these idiotic voices? The plots make little sense, they don’t talk about anything, the stories are stretched to the extreme. I can’t understand, why does this video seem so absurd to me? I probably can’t grasp the point, a child can definitely do it better than I can, but I swear, for me, they are totally alienating. I gave up, even though it would be an amazing thing to study. But back to the real point of interest, the branded “ME CONTRO TE” easter egg. Yes because by googling their name, what I discovered is a crazy world of “ME CONTRO TE” branded products. This blog post is a review of the most absurd objects tagged “ME CONTRO TE”, buckle up and hang on tight.